To Whom It May Concern:      


I was half owner of Best Paw Forward, Inc. dog training business based out of Sanford, FL at the time.  I have since retired for health reasons. Though we offered a range of private classes, we encouraged group classes for families; so, dogs and families could learn to be successful under distracting circumstances.


Debbie Cole began training with us in the early 90’s.  She progressed quickly in training her dog, Abbie.  Abbie was a bit of a difficult dog due to timid temperament.  With our help, Debbie was able to teach her dog that people, dogs, and environments were safe for her.  After training and assisting with us for a year or more, she began teaching classes on her own.


Debbie’s students loved her, and we were proud to say she was one of our instructors.  In the 10 or so years she was with Best Paw Forward, she represented our reward based training philosophy well. She was kind to clients, dogs, and co-workers.  She was ethical in her breeding practices and showed her dogs with class and good sportsmanship. We were so sorry to lose her when family had to take priority.


I have, loosely, kept track of Debbie through the “dog-vine” and Facebook.  She has continued her work with her wonderful standard poodles in shows and in the community.  Debbie is a good person and a good dog trainer.


Sandy Guy